Homemade Bride – Wedding Day Survival Kit – Bride and Bridesmaids

It’s finally Friday and you know what that means – Flashy Friday!

Today I’m going to give you a quick post on a wedding day survival kit for your maids. These are all the rage now and are going for as much as $15 in some of the stores. I guarantee you have everything you need for this at home already and if you don’t it can easily be found at the dollar store.

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I will admit, I did find this irresistible Bridesmaid bag at Francesca’s but while this is not a necessity, it’s too cute and could really double as a “thank you” gift for your maids. Perfect for this project AND to hold make up.

Now what do you fill this pretty little number with? I am a perpetual “over-packer” so I really tried to think of things that I’ve needed in the past as a bridesmaid. Ironically it wasn’t much at all!

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Baby wipes: These are great to help with any make up flaws, for a quick hand wash, or even to remove the sweat that will inevitibly happen.

Tampons: Because that’s all anyone needs on the wedding day – a surprise from Aunt Flow.

DeodorantI got this mini sized one from the travel section in Walmart. We tend to forget to put deodorant on sometimes, no shame, just always keep a backup handy. You know your going to dance, and that means sweat.

Granola Bar & Mints: I always keep something sweet on hand because sometimes my sugar level will drop. If this doesn’t happen to you a granola bar or mints are still great to have incase you want to freshen your breath, or need a quick energy boost.

Tissues: You will cry – and if you don’t someone near by will be so I think we all know why these are a must have.

Oil Absorbing Sheets: I never leave the house without these! You just dab one sheet all over your face and it removes all the oil without taking your makeup off!

Hair Ties: Let’s be honest, every girl is always searching for a hair tie, expecially after letting lose on the dance floor!

Bobbi Pins: Up-dos or straight hair, these little things are great for fixing a falling curl or getting your hair our of your face.

Advil: God-forbid you get a headache and then have to survive a whole wedding. I’m pretty sure we ladies keep some form of meds in our purse any way.

Sewing Kit: It’s very easy to get your dress caught on something. What if the loop that is holding the sash breaks or the zipper snags or maybe you need a safety pin for something! This tiny kit will be your lifesaver.

Band-Aids: Again, just better to be safe than sorry.

I think it would be adorable for the maids to walk into the bridal suite and see the day-of kits that you’ve prepared for them all lined up and waiting. You could even add some nail polish or your gift into the bags too!

One more wedding day survival tip: Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Make sure the bridal suite has lots of WATER (mimosas will not hydrate you the way you need to be).