Wedding and Event Rentals – Raleigh, NC

Here at Homemade Bride we believe in creating memorable experiences for our brides. We love nothing more than designing the perfect space, using our hand-picked rental collection and unique styling expertise. Our passion allows us to continuously adapt with the trends, whether that be in the wedding industry, parties and showers, or corporate events.
We enjoy getting to know you and your style and then going above and beyond to make your dream come to life!


About the Owners


Favorite Food: Pepperoni, Tortellini, Pirogies, Shrimp, anything with buffalo sauce—the list really does go on!

Background in the Wedding Industry: I have been in the wedding industry since college where I started working part time for an invitation company. I loved everything about hand assembling each piece based on a brides vision. From working there I met a wedding planner and later started helping him on the weekends with events and weddings throughout Baltimore and D.C. I loved both—working to create custom designs and staging the weddings day-of, but I was now working two jobs to satisfy both creative passions. After a few years of working with these amazing business professionals, I still call friends, I started Homemade Bride.

What Inspires You?Inspiration comes from those who have walked in your shoes before you. I look up to all of the vendors I work with and listen closely when working with them, whether it be a photographer, venue, or florist. These professionals have been in the industry years before me and I know there is a lot we all can learn from each other. If I’ve worked with you before, know that you have inspired me and you’ve had a great part in helping me grow my own business!

Favorite Rental Items: The Wooden Beam Candle. Being that they were my very first DIY design for our blog, they’ve made this journey with me from the start!



Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese,  Buffalo Chicken, Jalapenos, Pork Belly Soup from Bida Manda ;), literally anything with Texas Pete on it!

Background in Wedding Industry: My mom is the owner of Southern Petals (wedding florist) and has been for over 10 years now. I started helping her do consultations, pull all-nighters ☺, and also day-of staging and decorating the ceremony site and reception area for brides. I completely fell in love with weddings and everything they stood for.  We joke that we have been planning my wedding for years now – long before I ever found my groom! But its true, weddings are our real-life fairytales!

What Inspires You?: Success Stories. And people that make a living, simply by doing what they love to do. I watched my mom turn a hobby and something she absolutely loved doing into a successful business that is continuously growing! Even though some times are hard, I know she wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love seeing peoples’ passions come to life!

Favorite Rental Item: The Stained Glass Lanterns! For some reason, I just love these! They are gorgeous and have always caught my eye. I am going to use them for my wedding too.