Homemade Bride Flash Friday: Wedding Styles

By: Jamie Schafer

It’s Flashy Friday Homemade Brides! Today I’m going to discuss my favorite wedding style and share pictures that inspire me!


If I had to describe my wedding style it would be Exquisitely Chic. I love how simple items can create a dramatic setting and when I say “I do” I hope my guests are wowed by my wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding; but that doesn’t mean my wedding can’t be stunning. If my guests think that my wedding cost a small fortune, you won’t find me correcting them. I hope that I can help you achieve the same.

Creams and browns are the foundation for my wedding style. These colors give you an excellent canvas for any style or theme. Creams and browns are perfect for linens, chairs & bridal party colors.

Seating under lights

bride maids neatural

As far as accents go I love soft but bold colors. Light pinks, greens, and some sparkle can go a long way and make a big impact!

 flowers in brown boxes

Adding something personal to your big day is a must in my opinion! I think my cousins did an excellent job of this! She has a wonderful heritage and he loves Natty Boh- you can honor both in something as simple as a napkin!

b&b napkin

When you create a good base and don’t overdo it with accessories, an exquisitely chic wedding is not only achievable but fun!


What is your favorite wedding style?

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Flashy Friday: Kelli & Jamie’s Engagement Ring Picks

Hello HMB readers; Jamie here for our first ever Flashy Friday!

This post is a combo with Kelli and myself, we have picked our top two engagement rings and can’t wait to tell you why we love them so!

First up are Kelli’s picks:

“My number one FAVORITE ring cut is the pear shaped diamond! The vintage look is stunning and timeless – I just can’t wait to have it sparkling on my finger 🙂

While ring cuts also go in and out of style, I feel like the pear cut is always one that people like but never really choose because of how different it is. Maybe I’m crazy but I want a ring that you don’t see everyday and that spices things up! Case in point, I’m pretty obsessed with mixing rose gold and white gold so I would love to have a rose gold engagement ring with a white gold wedding band!


Another ring that I adore (and would not mind having in addition to…shhh) would be a Victorian style oval ring. I love how the one pictures has small diamonds around the center diamond and just looks like it has been passed down for generations. With this example, I think silver is the way to go but I would in turn get a rose gold band that would wrap around!

As you can see, I am sucker for the vintage style but in reality, when Dan proposes I will be happy with whatever he picks out! I think a guy should have (maybe with a few style hints) say over which ring he believes would be best for you. I think it really shows how well he knows you and understands your relationship!”


Jamie’s picks:

“Finding this ring was like finding my soul mate. I was in Smyth Jewelers with two sorority sisters just looking around to kill some time. We were paroozing the cases of engagement rings when I zoned in on this beauty. It was like everything around me froze and it was just me and the ring.

This ring is made of three oval cut diamonds with a stunning halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the three big ones. Oval diamonds are cut in a way that makes them look like a larger carat than they are; that’s a money saver men! This ring, without lowering the carat size, changing the metal, or lowering the quality of diamonds, comes in at 12 thousand plus dollars- so I mean it when I say this is the ring OF MY DREAMS. I’ve told my boyfriend he can make some adjustments and it will be within budget but one can only hope right ladies?


My second pick for this Flashy Friday post is this a stunningly simple single oval cut diamond. I love silver and oval cut diamonds, oh and halos around those oval cut diamonds. I guess you could say I have a style 🙂

There is something to be said about simplicity, especially in an engagement ring. I want something timeless, as Kelli mentioned. A single stone in a cut you enjoy will last through the changing times. I think it is just breathtakingly beautiful!!”


We hope your enjoyed our first Flashy Friday! Please leave us comments and let us know what you think about our top two engagement ring picks.



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