Homemade Bride — How to RSVP to a Wedding Invite



There is always a lot of direction on HOW TO send out wedding invitations, the correct etiquette, who to invite, etc., but not much information on how to RESPOND to invitations. Here is a quick snapshot that any guest can reference at their convenience! Hope this helps!


  • First duty as a guest — respond promptly to any wedding invitation
  • Be clear on who is invited (who the invitation is addressed to) and respond accordingly for each person, see examples below!
    • “The Taylor Family” (the entire family is invited – yay!) So RSVP for each person, if 3 people from the family can attend, write “3” on the card — and write the names of the guest(s) that WILL BE attending on the RSVP card and send back.
    • “Mr. and Mrs. Taylor” (date night! the two of you are invited) So RSVP for you and your partner, write the number attending — and write the names of the guest(s) that WILL BE attending on the RSVP card and send back.
    • “Mr. Taylor” (going SOLO, how fun!) So RSVP for yourself, and write your name.
  • Be sure to attend if you have previously responded that you are coming! Weddings are expensive and the bride and groom have planned for you to be there! 🙂 Go have some fun and enjoy!


With spring wedding season quickly approaching, it is always helpful to have reference guides for this sort of thing….it can sometimes be tricky! Again, I hope this helps!


PS — Don’t forget to dance the night away!!

Homemade Bride — How is it already Christmas?!


Did Christmas sneak up on anyone else besides me?!! Maybe it’s because it’s my first married Christmas…and I’m not at my parents house (where Christmas music is on repeat, the house always smells like an actual Gingerbread cookie, and there are hundreds of presents piling up under the tree)…or maybe it’s because work has been so busy, but as I woke up on Monday, it hit me that Christmas is THIS coming weekend. And there are literally three presents under our tree! I felt so ashamed! I thought, “There is no way I’m this behind on my shopping.”


I am a true procrastinator — every one that knows me, knows that. But usually I am always ahead of the game when it comes to shopping! I didn’t fully take advantage of Black Friday deals this year, so maybe that’s why I’m more behind than usual. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do! How did I let this happen?? Shout out to Amazon Prime though — because it is single-highhandedly saving my butt this year.  If anybody has any ideas of “MUST-BUYS” this year, please let a girl know!! Giving gifts on Christmas is by far my favorite part!! What about y’all?

On the other hand, what are y’all asking Santa for this year??? I’m clearly behind on that too, as I haven’t even made a list yet 😉 Making lists was way more exciting when I was 8! Now, I just want money to pay all my bills — the joys of adulting!! Hopefully we are all on the Santa’s NICE list!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you aren’t as behind as I am and I hope you have a wonderful time, spent with family and friends!!!!