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For my own bridal shower, my maid of honor (Alexa) knew that I wasn’t a fan of the traditional bridal shower games. I think I made that pretty clear over the years, so she was up for a challenge when it came time to plan!

She ended up coming up with a fun game of Trivia that got us all laughing as we were grouped into pairs, each with a sheet to fill out. I’m not going to lie, even being in the industry some of the questions were hard! Here’s a peek:


If you are looking for something fun to do with your bridesmaids or your family for a bridal shower, please feel free to download the trivia sheets below. To say thank you, be sure to also head over to and see more of Alexa’s DIY designs


Trivia Game   //   Trivia Game with Answers

Mrs. Margaret’s Lounge – Homemade Bride Wedding Rentals



Our Mrs. Margaret Lounge has stollen the hearts of so many who love the timeless look of a victorian design. With a few additional pops of color and accent candle light, this space transformed with a little bit of love!

Decor: Homemade Bride

Photography: Christen Smith Photography

Venue: Cross + Main – Youngsville, NC

Now that you’ve fallen in love, we can’t wait to hear your ideas! |  240.786.8612


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