Homemade Bride – DIY Rustic Wood Stump Ring Box – Raleigh, North Carolina

While it is hard to pinpoint exactly where and how the tradition originated, it is fair to say that many brides are tossing the idea of the ring bearer pillow.

Homemade Bride - Wood Stump Ring Box
This simple design is easy to do with just a few materials and about an hour of your time! Read ahead to get step by step directions and gaze at the final product in action!


– Small Wood Stump

– Table Vise

– Hand Saw

– Power Drill & Forstner Bit (base bit size on ring size)

– Clamps

– Mini Hinge

– Wood Burning Pen/Stamps


Step 1:

– Using a table vise, secure the stump in place leaving half of the stump accessible.

– With a Hand Saw begin by making a 1.5″ slice for the lid. We chose to use a hand saw to make sure we have control over the round shape.


 Step 2: 

– Keeping the stump in the grip of the table vice, drill a flat bottom hole into the base     of the stump using the power drill and forstner bit.

– Be sure to keep you hand steady and the drill level to avoid a slip of the bit.


Step 3:

Burn your initials or wedding date onto the inside of the lid


Step 4: 

– Line up the base and the lid to determine the best location for the hinge.

– Secure the hinge with screws provided

Homemade Bride - Wood Stump Ring Box 2

Homemade Bride - Wood Stump Ring Box 3

Homemade Bride - Wood Stump Ring Box 4

View More: http://kristajoyphotography.pass.us/drake-landing-styled-shoot

On the day of your wedding, add greenery or small florals to brighten up the ring box as your ring bearer or groomsmen walks down the aisle.

Enjoy this DIY design and come back for more tutorials on the decor we created for our latest shoot with Krista Joy Photography! View the entire styled shoot …here


xoxo, HMB



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Homemade Bride – DIY Veggie Candles

You may not like the taste of some of these veggies but who can resist the look they create against these white pillar candles!


This look was first brought to my attention when our Social Media intern Emma shared an image with me of a similar style using green beans and I instantly knew I had to try. Walking through Walmart this week, I tried to pick up different vegetables that had similar colors but also some unique textures and shapes. It then came down to Red Cabbage, Asparagus, and Artichoke!


To get started, I needed just a few other materials to pull it all together:

1. Kitchen Knife

2. Cutting Board

3. Pillar Candles

4. Hot Glue Gun

5. Twine

Price: $3.00 per candle (price may vary based on size and when ordered in bulk)

Step 1:

Cut up your pieces based on the height of your candles. Veggies like the Asparagus do not need to be perfectly aligned, the variation in height will give it that fun and textured appearance!


Step 2: 

Again, since there is no pattern or specific technique to this process, glue the pieces down randomly and see where they fall. Just make sure the bottom of your candle is covered while still being able to sit flush on the table.

Step 3:

Continue glueing the veggies into place carefully around the candles. The hot glue acts simply as a temporary fix while you get all your pieces on, so add each one on slowly. The hot glue will stick better if your veggies are a bit dried out rather than right out of the fridge or off the shelf.





Step 4: 

Use the twine to tie a few loops around the veggies and tuck in the back to have a seamless band. This will hold the veggies in place while on the table and also add a touch of rustic materials to pop against the greens!




These fun and fresh veggie candles can be made so easily for your engagement party, bridal shower, cocktail hour, or even reception! Have fun and get creative with texture!

**I would advice battery candles for longer events**

xoxo – HMB

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