Love Story – Thomas and Sara

We can’t wait any longer to share the engagement images from Thomas and Sara and their beautiful story that lead them to this amazing time. Thank you Sara for sharing your story with all of us and Morgan Bailey Designs for the stunning images!




How they met…

Thomas and Sara met while both attending UNC-Charlotte. They were living in the same apartment complex, in fact Thomas lived in the apartment below Sara. They lived like this for a year and half before they finally got the nerve to talk to each other. Thomas sent Sara a very thoughtful Facebook message about the weather and that’s where it all began. They learned they had a lot in common and were surprised that their hometown was only 20 minutes from each other.



Their First Dates:

The first date was a quick dinner date to a nearby Mexican restaurant. Although it wasn’t very long, it was a wonderful time and they both knew they wanted to see each other again, so Thomas decided to invite Sara to the St. Patricks Day Parade with his friends, never knowing that parade would be momental to their relationship and future.




They both knew that they wanted a future  together so it was only a matter of time. Sara was anxiously awaiting for this day but Thomas was currently in Charlotte Fire Departments Rookie School (which is 6 months long). This took up most of his time and Thomas was clear that after his Rookie School graduation which was March 19th, they could talk more about the next step. But he was sneaky and already had the ring and engagement planned since January.

Thomas and Sara got engaged March 14, 2015 in downtown Charlotte at the St. Patricks Day Parade. This was their third year going together and Sara wasn’t expecting anything different (wrong!). It was a rainy day and a little chilly so when Thomas asked Sara to take a picture outside where they always had the past two years, she said no. He was persistent though and his and her friends were able to get a video and picture of the whole thing! It was the best day ever and no rain was going to stomp on their parade that day!


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