Homemade Bride – The First Look – Yay or Nay

By: Jamie


I will start off by saying I absolutely love viewing a couples first look photos. That intimate moment when they first see each other and can express their emotions is incredibly beautiful and you can almost feel their love. Being able to spend a few moments alone with your groom before the biggest moment of your lives, and having those pictures to look back on is priceless.

However, I’m not sure if it’s my superstition or tradition, but I want to leave my first look for when I am walking down the aisle. It could even be chalked up to a bit of vanity -which is perfectly healthy in small doses. I want the anticipation to build, I want good luck and I want to wow my husband-to-be with the dramatic opening of the church doors coupled by everyone’s gasps and awes as I make my way down the aisle. Sometimes I think the first look photo shoot can even diminish the moment you walk down the aisle because well, you’ve already seen each other.

You certainly can still have beautiful first look photos if you choose to wait until you walk down the aisle. The key is having a great photographer who is able to focus on you and your groom in that moment.

 I have such a soft spot for seeing a big burly man get all choked up at the sight of a pretty girl so I have picked some of my favorite tear-jerking moments where the groom, in front of family and friends, gets emotional seeing his bride for the first time. Oh the feels!




Tell us your opinion on the first look!

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