Homemade Bride – Raleigh Wedding Magazine – Features North Raleigh Florist

We are so excited to be featuring an amazing florist, and one of our Homegrown Vendors, today on the blog!


With over 95 years of combined experience, North Raleigh Florist is one of a kind in our eyes because they truly care about the DIY bride and have services that focus on helping you create and pull off your very own floral designs. For the past few years they have brought out a service that they call “Bucket Flowers.” Bucket Flowers give brides the option to purchase fresh flowers that arrive at their shop just in time for their staff to “process, condition, hydrate, open and cool your product and be ready for you to use on the day you have set aside for the design assembly.” 

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A note from the owner:

We have been working with DIY brides for the past 7 years, and fully understand the need to offer fresh flower and container options that coincide with your ideas to create your own designs for your big day. We strive to keep things simple and hassle-free and steer all of our brides towards ideas that will ensure the best chance of a successful DIY experience.

We work extremely hard for you to stay within your budget by offering alternatives to expensive items when needed, and many rental options. The benefit of bucket flowers is that they come at a reduced price, since our staff is not providing the design work or the design plan. The creations are your own—we just provide you with the product to make your vision a reality.

We want your day to be special, your flower arrangements to be beautiful and your style to shine on your special day. Most of all, we want you to enjoy. We hope to be part of the fun!”


North Raleigh Florist’s DIY Brides have been happy with their bucket flowers and have successfully followed the flower care steps during the design and installation process. When they leave the shop, they are armed with very specific instructions on how to keep their flowers looking and smelling just as beautiful by the end of their reception as they did when they first arrived.  If you’re looking for a DIY option for your floral design – be sure to contact North Raleigh Florist and their amazing design team! And always remember to leave enough time to “stop and smell the roses!”



Celebrations Shopping Center

7457 Six Forks Road

Raleigh, NC 27615

 919-847-3381, option 3



Also be sure to check out their ad in our Winter Issue of Homemade Bride Magazine!

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