Homemade Bride – Winter Wedding Bouquet Alternative – Evergreen Kissing Ball

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Having a holiday or winter wedding?

Bring the outdoors and the smell of evergreen into your ceremony with beautiful handmade kissing balls for your bridesmaids and flower girl!

Tip: These steps would work for other florals as well!

Price: $2.00 each

Time: 1 Hour


Step 1

Step 1:

Secure the ribbon onto the styrofoam ball using two sewing pins. Having the ribbon in place first will allow you to test the weight of the ball and also check for balance as you work.

Step 2:

Trim various size branches from the tree shavings and then take off all the needles at the bottom. This will help when placing the branch into the styrofoam ball.


Step 3:

Start arranging the branches around the styrofoam ball, mixing longer branches with shorter ones. Fill to your preference – I chose to not fill the bottom so that I could set it down flat without breaking any branches.

DSC_0814 copy

That’s it! Stay tuned to see how we use this in our Holiday Style shoot this week!

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