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Our Mrs. Margaret Lounge has stollen the hearts of so many who love the timeless look of a victorian design. With a few additional pops of color and accent candle light, this space transformed with a little bit of love!

Decor: Homemade Bride

Photography: Christen Smith Photography

Venue: Cross + Main – Youngsville, NC

Now that you’ve fallen in love, we can’t wait to hear your ideas! |  240.786.8612


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Creating a Registry


Hello There,

Congratulations to all of our newly engaged couples — we’re so excited that you are beginning to plan the most important day of your relationship so far and look forward assisting with some helpful advice throughout this journey!

Today we’re talking about building a registry. (Love it or Hate it)

Before getting engaged, for some reason I was always against having a registry. Telling people what to buy me, it just seemed wrong and uncomfortable. People will be driving long distance to our wedding and I thought that would be enough of a gift…until all the questions came rolling in.

“Where are you registered?”

“Why don’t you have one?”

“It’s much easier, Kelli, to give your guests ideas”

“What do you want?”

So… I caved. To be honest, I now know why couples love this part. It’s a chance to start a life together. Dan and I have been living together for three years now so while we have just about everything we need, it’s almost all hand-me-down items that got us to this point. Our house doesn’t match and with a wedding to plan and pay for, we don’t have the money to buy new items we love.  This is where the registry has been fun! We aren’t adding expensive items but items that will help us organize and create a home that suites us both.

To help us and you and your partner, we’ve compiled a list of items we’ll be registering for and items you may not think about. We’ve found most of these items at our favorite retailers: Wayfair and Target! (YES wayfair has a registry…go now.)


Have fun with this step and always remembers to prepare thank you cards for your guests and send them out promptly. Enjoy!

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