Homemade Bride – The best thing we can do, is be true to you.

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First, the barrels are wheeled out, followed by the tractor. Now that there’s a bit of room to move around, we pull items like the vintage wheel barrel, standing galvanized tubs, and the cupcake ladder outside to create the “center stage” for our brides to take a peek around our mini showroom!

If you haven’t yet guessed, our showroom doubles as our garage. While I dream about winning the PowerBall and one day owning a large teal barn, we work hard and can say we’re proud of our garage for now. My dreams (well some) will one day come true; however until then, the best thing we can do is be true to you.

When you book a showing with Homemade Bride, you will be welcomed to our home to peek around our garage and all the rental items we share. While a rental consultation and showing is not always needed, we do offer to meet at local coffee shops around your town to better understand what it is you are looking for. Getting to know a bride is such a rewarding part of this rental process. We love each and every piece because in some way it tells a story – if we can share that and hear a couples’ story at the same time, it means we’re doing our job!


Allow us to share our story with you and assist in providing (or finding) the perfect rental decor for you and your story. Grow with Homemade Bride as you grow in love.


Tour our rental site and reserve your date!

Hear from other happy brides!


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Homemade Bride – DIY Shotgun Shell Boutonnieres

Today we have a little country chic design to share that will add a bit masculine flair to your big day: Shotgun Shell Boutonnieres.  


Step 1:

Go Shooting! Hello stress relief! Go out and unload a 12 gauge with your hubby to be, or maybe with your MOH! Be sure to take safety precautions on the range and pick up all of the used shells – you’re going to need them.

Step 2: 

To make the perfect boutonniere you’ll need the supplies:

– Shells

– Paint

– Super Glue

– Twine

– Flowers

– Pins

– Floral Foam

Step 3: 

If you choose to paint the shells in your wedding color do that now before you continue on.

Step 4:

Take your shells and super glue one pin to each, this will allow you to keep the boutonnieres on the groomsmen day of. Tip: Remember super glue does not always dry clear!

Step 5:

Wrap twine the around the shell avoiding the pin on the back.

Step 6:

Finally, add some flowers! We love the idea of wildflowers here and have the perfect solution to keeping them beautiful all day.



Extra tip!

Cut some floral foam to fit inside the shell and soak it in water. When ready, stick the flowers into the foam and place into the shell. This will not only keep your flowers alive longer but also more stable!

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