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First, the barrels are wheeled out, followed by the tractor. Now that there’s a bit of room to move around, we pull items like the vintage wheel barrel, standing galvanized tubs, and the cupcake ladder outside to create the “center stage” for our brides to take a peek around our mini showroom!

If you haven’t yet guessed, our showroom doubles as our garage. While I dream about winning the PowerBall and one day owning a large teal barn, we work hard and can say we’re proud of our garage for now. My dreams (well some) will one day come true; however until then, the best thing we can do is be true to you.

When you book a showing with Homemade Bride, you will be welcomed to our home to peek around our garage and all the rental items we share. While a rental consultation and showing is not always needed, we do offer to meet at local coffee shops around your town to better understand what it is you are looking for. Getting to know a bride is such a rewarding part of this rental process. We love each and every piece because in some way it tells a story – if we can share that and hear a couples’ story at the same time, it means we’re doing our job!


Allow us to share our story with you and assist in providing (or finding) the perfect rental decor for you and your story. Grow with Homemade Bride as you grow in love.


Tour our rental site and reserve your date!

Hear from other happy brides!


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Homemade Bride – Lady Traveler Suitcase – Raleigh Decor Rentals



Rental Spotlight

We love our suitcase rentals and adore the many different things that brides are doing with them these days! If you’re looking for the perfect suitcase prop for your decor, continue reading to see just what designs you can create and learn more about the story behind some of the designs!


In the 20’s and 30’s, luggage was not a common necessity everyone had in the bedroom closet. Instead, it was a luxury that was only afforded by the rich who would have the opportunity to travel.

Back then, luggage was made from wooden boxes and covered with fine leather cowhides and then lined with hand stitched silks and canvas. Such sets were not sold with individual pieces but rather in sets that included separate pieces for larger items, clothes, shoes, makeup, and toilettes. They were stored in what most called the “box room” which the “women” of the house was responsible for taking care of. She made sure all luggage stayed in the best of conditions, as luggage in those days were made to last a lifetime.

What Story Does This Suitcase Hold? 

Well.. to be honest, I’m not sure. It was purchased at an antique shop in Shrewsbury, PA this past weekend but even though I don’t know the exact history – Does not mean it doesn’t have a story! The beauty sometimes in not knowing, is that you can now make up your own and continue it’s legacy!


This gorgeous suitcase is covered with thick white canvas and burnt orange accents and then lined with a blush pink silk that still looks pristine! Under the shade, seen in the top of the lid, is a hidden rack for hanging clothes with the most adorable hangers!


Like what you see?

Head on over to our rental site to read more about how to request a date and also see rental pricing! Prices for rentals do include three days which allows for the perfect amount of time to pick up and drop off after your wedding!

How to Display It?


1. The most common use for suitcases at a wedding would be for the card box. Many brides will make or purchase a “card” banner to tie around the top of the lid so their guests know just what to do! (which can be rented separately and customized to match through HMB!)


2. Place Cards – This is a great idea if you rent a few different size and color suitcases for a bigger table display. Plus, once all place cards are taken, have your planner use the same display for your favors!


3. Cake Table – Get creative when it comes to the base of your cake or dessert bar and give some height to the table by using a suitcase wrapped with lace! The end result is gorgeous and with so many options on the HMB rental site, you can match the suitcase to the accent colors in your cake.


4. Photo Props – If your having a vintage or travel wedding (or any theme for that matter) you want to include some key props in order for your guests to understand and get the same feeling. To do that, place various suitcases stacked up at the end of your ceremony aisle to create an entrance or use them in your engagement photos or bridal portraits so you can give your guests a sneak peek on the Save the Date!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.39.12 AM

5. Take your ceremony decor to the next level with a suitcase backdrop! On this one we are a bit speechless (in a good way!)



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