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Our Mrs. Margaret Lounge has stollen the hearts of so many who love the timeless look of a victorian design. With a few additional pops of color and accent candle light, this space transformed with a little bit of love!

Decor: Homemade Bride

Photography: Christen Smith Photography

Venue: Cross + Main – Youngsville, NC

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Make Your Own Wedding Cake!

As a Homemade Bride, DIY is what you are about, you want your wedding to be yours and to be completely hands on. Well, did you ever think you could save some money and make your own wedding cake? That’s exactly what I did; read along to see how it turned out!


I spent my free time this week researching “how to make your own wedding cake” and searching for a simple and timeless design that brides could easily adapt. I picked a simple white three layer cake, with jam filling, white icing and fruit as décor. How hard could that be?

I went to Walmart to check out their wedding aisle. Yeppers – Walmart has some pretty great wedding items! As far as baking your own cake, they have more items than I knew what to do with. I did buy three circle cake pans ($28), already packaged together which was fantastically easy. I also picked up some more eggs, confectioners sugar, berries and three boxes (99 cents each) of Pillsbury Traditional Vanilla cake mix.

Cake Tins 1

Cake Tins 2

 The moment I got home I washed the berries and set them out to dry.

Next I started on the icing; in hindsight I could have waited to do this while the cake baked. I followed the super simple Wilton Buttercream Icing recipe. I did DOUBLE this recipe, just to be on the safe side. I also added two extra tablespoons of milk, as noted in the recipe, to make it extra silky and spreadable.

Butter cream Icing Ingredients
Buttercream Icing Ingredients

 Now to bake the cake! Easy peasy; followed the instructions on the box and put those babies into the oven. The cake has now gone from being three layers to two layers. Here’s my first problem, actually my second- I got a giant paper-cut trying to open the cake tins. I did not get enough cake mix. I could have easily used 3 more boxes. I thought that a 13″ circle pan and a 13″rectangle pan would hold the same amount of batter- HA! Well just thank your lucky stars that I made the mistake for you.

Cake Mix Items
This is all you need to make the actual cake. (Water not pictured)

Some food for thought: tomorrow is not my wedding day, and I am not baking for a crowd. It is super important not to rush this and to really create a calm baking environment if you are in fact baking this cake for your own wedding. You don’t want to mistakenly add salt instead of sugar or mix up measurements and then have a melt down because the cake didn’t turn out right. I think ya’ll can handle it!

BUZZZZZZZ! The moment of truth has arrived – for me a least! The cakes are done and I have got to let them cool. I am the most impatient person you may ever meet. I want to go go go all the time. Cakes are out of the oven? Let’s icing them and decorate them- NOW! Let me tell you, I have had MANY cakes fall apart and icing melt off onto the floor because I am so eager to get it done. Not today friends.

The biggest layer cooling. Oven mitt to show size. I have the cake elevated on a cooling rack.
The biggest layer cooling. Oven mitt to show size. I have the cake elevated on a cooling rack.

I let those cake layers cool for at least one hour. Yay me! Now I can spread on the icing! I first placed a dollop of icing on the middle of the pizza tray so that the cake does not slip all over God’s creation. I would have placed it onto a cake stand but I seriously underestimated the size of the bottom layer.

I placed the biggest cake on the pizza tray and then I heated some strawberry jam and about a tablespoon of water on the stove. This was just to make the jam spreadable. I then gently poured the yummy jam on top of the first cake. Keep in mind not to go to the edges of the first layer of that would cause a mess while icing. I then placed the remaining smaller cake on top.

Layer one with jam
I hovered the next layer of cake over this one to see where to put the jam.

My original plan was to slice each cake layer in half and spread jam there, but because I was short on cake mix I had to make adjustments. Also I would pick a more dense cake mix if you plan to do that. Stay away from “moist” cake mixes because they will crumble when you cut the layers.

If you are planning on doing a “cake pull” now is when I would gently stick the charms, with ribbon attached, into the bottom of the bottom layer of the cake. Not sure what a cake pull is? Be sure to check my next blog post!

Ready to icing and decorate
Fruit, layered cakes & buttercream icing!

 WA-LA. We are really getting somewhere now. I now iced the entire outside of the cake with royal icing and am finally able to add the fruit!

Cake image two

So the cake may be thin and not as tall as I would have liked, but I’m very happy with my end result! This cake was fun, easy and a DIY for the books! The cake came out of the pans without any fuss, the icing went on so smoothly and I would be proud to serve this at my wedding or shower. I think that armed with my experience you will easily be able to tackle your own cake!

The final product!
The final product!

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