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Our Mrs. Margaret Lounge has stollen the hearts of so many who love the timeless look of a victorian design. With a few additional pops of color and accent candle light, this space transformed with a little bit of love!

Decor: Homemade Bride

Photography: Christen Smith Photography

Venue: Cross + Main – Youngsville, NC

Now that you’ve fallen in love, we can’t wait to hear your ideas! |  240.786.8612


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Homemade Bride – How to Address Your Wedding Invitations

Hello my lovely Homemade Bride DIY Queens! I am so glad to be back at the blog after a short hiatus. Today I’m going to be discussing how to address your wedding invitations, a dreading and daunting task that usually gets put off until the last minute and almost always lacks creativity. Well, no more! Today I’m going to give you all the scoop.


Let’s get the logistics of how to address your invitations out of the way before we get into the fun stuff. I’ve done some research and everyone seems to agree with the following guidelines:

  •  Those who are 18 years and older, and not living at home, get their own invitations addressed to Ms. or Mr. depending if they are female or male.
  • Girls under the age of 18 are addressed as Miss on the inner envelope only. Boys under the age of 18 do not get a title.
  • If a guest has a distinguished title, such as Dr., The Honorable, Lieutenant, etc., they should have such represented on the outer envelope only.
  • Same-sex couples can be addressed to either Ms. & Ms. (Last Name Here) or Mr. & Mr. (Last Name Here) if married. You can also throw in their first names if you so choose.
  • An unmarried couple that is living together will be addressed to Mr. (First and Last Name Here) & Ms. (First and Last Name Here) on separate lines. This also goes for a couple that is married but yet has different last names.
  • Finally, married couples can be addressed as Mr. & Mrs. (Last Name Here) or Mr. (First Name Here) & Mrs. (First and Last Name Here).
  • Inner envelopes are less formal and can be addressed without titles.
  • If you are inviting someone and are allowing them a guest you can either address the invitation in the same manner as an unmarried couple or simply Ms. (First and Last Name Here) and Guest.

Now for the fun! While I admire the ease that printed labels has lent to us, there is just nothing that compares to the organic nature of a handwritten address. If you have the resources, I by all means suggest you find a calligrapher and have them address your invitations. They look stunning and are a real wow factor. Remember, invitations set the tone for how your wedding and reception will look; it’s the guests first glimpse inside your big day! If you can’t afford a calligrapher or simply just want to DIY your own calligraphy, there are many resources to look into such as calligraphy workshops to learn the basics, and tools that will help create that perfect look.

I also think investing in a stamp, either wooden or a nice self-inking plastic one, as a new married couple is great. Not only will it make adding your return address so much easier to the invitations, think of using it on your thank you cards, or house warming party invitations, holiday cards, etc. Trust me you’ll get a lot of use out of it and ordering them is easy with so many options from places like Etsy, Office Depot or other online shops.

Go out and invest in a fun pen. Please do not use a black Bic pen on your wedding invitations, just don’t. Go get a fun color, or metallic – something to add some pizazz! Don’t conform to the basic layout of an envelope that we were all taught in elementary school either. Use up the front of that card and add some design elements like squiggles, swoops, and borders. Play with spacing, with letter height, add dots, and make it your own! I’ve picked some of my favorites to help get your juices flowing! I hope to see some fantastic envelopes in the future from you all soon!





<photos via Pinterest>

Happy DIY my HMB!

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