4 Reasons to Rent vs. Buy


Let’s talk renting vs buying. You may be past this point in your planning process or you may be struggling with this famous debate. Today, we want to help crush some of those fears and get you loving the world of wedding rentals. Here are some of our benefits to renting vs buying!

  1. Cost (we all want to know about the MONEY) 
    • Renting decor can cut your decor prices dramatically! Do your research and see which items are better to rent or buy. (we’ll be sharing our research soon!)
      • Example: Farm Table (per table on average) = $200 to build / $600 to buy / $75 to rent with HMB
      • When you buy decor vs. renting you also have to think about how transport and store items after your wedding, which can cost you.
  2. We do the hard work 
    • On your wedding day, you and your family/bridal party should be enjoying all the special moments rather than rushing around to set up your ceremony and reception. Doesn’t it sound better to leave it for the professionals?
      • Example: I have witnessed, way to often, a bridesmaid or mother of the bride running around making sure details are perfect and decor is set. These ladies are missing time with their bride, rushing to get their hair and makeup done and missing out on the pampering that comes with the bridal party festivities!
      • Fact: When you hire HMB, our staff will be on-site with our owner, Kelli, that morning to set up any rented decor. By the day of your wedding, we will know exactly where everything needs to go because we review each detail during our final design meeting. Then we pack it all up for you!
  3. Changing your mind won’t cost you.
    • When you hire us as a rental company, you are able to update and switch out decor as you continue through your planning process.
      • Example: If you purchase table settings for 150 guests but get your final guest count a month before the big day and it’s down to 110, you’ve now over purchased for 40 people. Returning items can be pricy if you’ve expired the policy and overwhelming so close to your wedding date. Instead, our team will work with you a few weeks before your wedding all the way up to the final days before in order to make sure nothing has been forgotten and we’ll update any quantities as needed. These changes don’t cost you a thing and avoid the headache of doing it on your own.
  4. Get a cohesive design
    • Our team has worked hard to create collections for different styles, locations and budgets so you don’t have to search for each item individually.
      • During our first design meeting, we will get to know you and your style and start piecing together a look customize for you. We have the inventory so you can get the most cohesive look throughout your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.


Skip the stress and enjoy the planning part of your wedding day.

We want you to get the cohesive look you’ve always wanted for your wedding without the stress, overpriced purchases and hassle of transporting these items! We’ve got you covered from the smallest of details to the showstoppers! Complete our questionnaire to see how we can help you.


Happy Planning


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