Creating A Foundation

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

After all the phone calls, sorting through the hundreds of social media comments and all the time spent starring at your ring (btw, that doesn’t end), you’ve gotten to the point where you need to start making plans, real plans.

So what’s first? 

While I would love to say that your decor should be at the top of your list, realistically you would want to have your venue and planner booked first. This will set your design up for success! Some brides even prefer to get their florist as well so they can be part of our conversation.

Once you have these amazing vendors, it’s time to start thinking about your decor.

Lunch is on us!

In order to design an event that is true to you, we need to talk about your style, your likes and dislikes, your vision and inspirations. I prefer to do this first without looking at Pinterest so we can have an organized and true idea of what you want. This is your design foundation.

Tip: Don’t let the process overwhelm you with hundreds of pictures – start with your base design and work from there. Narrow down your search for specific decor and inspiration. When we type “ceremony” into Pinterest so many great ideas are right there for us to see but they tend to make us doubt our original vision or leave us with a mashup rather than a cohesive design.

Once we’ve determined your foundation, we need to continue to build. Next, we would discuss the statement pieces. Your ceremony arbor, reception tables, bar, etc. These items are the most practical on your list and also fall under your “must haves.” Because we have different options in each category, securing these items will help build upon the style of your wedding and make choosing the detail pieces a bit easier.

Which, as you guessed, is the next step! We have the most fun with the details because this is where we can all sit around the table and let our creativity spill. This step is one that we continue with you up until your wedding day to be sure you are completely happy with the final designs!

Now that we’ve talked about our process, can I just say how excited I am now to meet all of you reading this. We’re ready to start designing, and we’ll be here when you are!



Meetings available in Louisburg, Wake Forest & Cary



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