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We’re Back!

And this time we’re excited to share Daniel and Stephanie’s wedding day!! But first…

Are you ready for a little back story?

Growing up in Maryland, I lived in a large neighborhood where everyone knew everyone and everyone knew the latest gossip. We had a huge group of friends and as kids we rode our bikes non stop and played games like “kick-the-can” until our parents would flick the porch lights to tell us it was time to head home. (did your parents do this too?)

Okay, you’re wondering where I’m going with this… Well, one of those neighborhood kids was Stephanie! It was so funny seeing her name pop up on my Facebook Messenger after so many years. I had no idea she was living in Raleigh but was instantly excited to work with her and dive into the details of her wedding decor.

I am beyond thankful for Stephanie and Daniel’s trust in Homemade Bride and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these too!



Take a peek at some of the wedding highlights from Christen Smith Photography!


Venue: Traine

Photography: Christen Smith Photography

Catering: Rocky Top

Decor: Homemade Bride – US!

Florals: Watkins

Bride’s Dress: Carolina Bridal World

Hair: Allison Nelms




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