How to keep your guests talking about your wedding even after….

How to keep your guests talking about your wedding even after last call.


We go to weddings for the food, music and booze, right?

Well….let’s be honest, these are the top three things that your guests will remember, so why not invest! In order for your guests to have the best time, you need to invest in them too. Here are some ways to keep your guests remembering your wedding and start comparing yours to every other wedding they attend! (you know you wouldn’t mind that).

How to keep your guests talking about your wedding even after last call.

  1. Surprises. Your guests had to take off work, call a babysitter or drive hours to get to your wedding so the least you can do is thank them and show them that you appreciate them making the time for YOU!
    • Food Truck
      • Bring in a surprise food truck toward the end of the night when all your dancing friends need a bite to eat.
    • Ice Cream Cart
  2. Music. This is the one area I think can either make or break an event. Without good music, you won’t have a party. Period.
    • When balancing out your budget, make sure you’re not skimping on the music. Make sure you find someone with a portfolio who has experience in different venues and with different party sizes. Their energy has to fit with yours or compliment yours because they will be responsible for creating the energy on the dance floor! Check out Morse Entertainment.
    • When putting together your timeline of events, see what you can eliminate or group together in order to stop the music as little as possible.
      • For my wedding we didn’t want the music to stop at all during the reception so we opted for a private cake cutting with our immediate family and skipped the garter and bouquet toss.
  3. Convenience.
    • Guests appreciate when your ceremony and reception are all in one location.
    • Make sure there are multiple price options for hotels in the area and share that with your guests.
    • Take the guess work out of how your guests will get home at the end of the night. Hire a shuttle or a coach bus to take people back and forth (on the hour to maximize your money) or hand out Uber gift cards.
  4. Toasts. 
    • Remember how I said music could make or break an event, y’all so can the toasts! I have been to weddings where I am STILL talking about how bad the toasts were.
      • Toasts should be 3-5 minutes and have structure. If your drunk groomsman says he wants to “wing it,” watch out!
      • It may be a good idea for the bridesmaid and groomsman giving the toasts to swap and proof the other’s speech.


I hope these tips help inspire you as you continue through your planning process!

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