What must-haves you need in a space that doesn’t need decorating


Okay, small rant. Not singling anyone out here.

But we’ve been part of the wedding industry for over 6 years now and have had specialty rentals for about 4 years. STILL I have personal friends getting married and all saying the same things. “My venue is already pretty, I don’t need any decorations.”

Y’all…I hear this everywhere! And you know what? A few months after I hear this, most of these brides will come back to me with a list of things they didn’t think about when starting out.


The start of your planning process can be overwhelming and if you’re in Raleigh, we do have some absolutely gorgeous venues around here! I’m here to tell you though, that even these amazing venues and weddings still need specialty rentals to not only help with the overall look and feel of your wedding but also the functionality. Specialty rentals can make a space more functional for the event but also for your guests. Hear me out.


Example: Lounges

  • You don’t want grandma and pop standing in the hot summer sun during cocktail hour, set them up on a covered porch relaxing on a settee that’s a bit more comfortable and inviting with a place to set their drink.
  • Lounges make a great place to escape. Sometimes guests need a breather after singing to “Old Town Road” in the loudest voice possible.
  • Who doesn’t love a great conversation over drinks? A lounge space makes for a welcoming area for guests to gather.


Example: Ceremony Backdrops

  • Your venue may have a wonderful view but if you leave it as-is, your wedding looks like every other Saturday. There are plenty of backdrop/arbor options that will help enhance the views and not block any of the beauty. Here are a few we recommend
  • These arbors can not only be used during the ceremony but also to frame your sweetheart table. Not to mention, it’s a great way to save some money!


Example: Candle Light

  • Can I get an AMEN! Candles may not be a functional decoration but they can set the mood for any venue. Candle light is a game changer and creates an intimate and warm space during a ceremony and/or reception. If you ceremony is during the day, this may not apply, but for your reception this can be done in so many ways.
    • Lanterns
    • Pillar Candles in Cylinders
    • Floating Candles
    • Taper Candles (we adore our brass candlesticks)
    • Votives


Example: Drinkware

  • If you’re reading this and still don’t think you need the ideas above, have you thought about adding color to your reception tables? Our colorful goblets can not only add a fun decorative touch to your tables but are the perfect size for your water goblets. Pretty AND functional!


These are some examples that I hope get you thinking about the functional aspect of what we do and help get you started. There are so many other items we carry that would be beneficial to rent rather than buy, and we look forward to sharing these with you over lunch!


As always, you can reach us through the contact page of our website, by filling out our questionnaire or emailing me at hello@homemadebridellc.com

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