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His daddy has competed and placed in competition so we needed to even the score.


I woke up the morning of Roland’s first birthday somewhat sane. I had prepped for weeks organizing totes, painting all the signs and sketching exactly how I wanted the lawn set up. HOWEVER, this was my first time throwing a birthday party and silly me forgot a lot of details!

  1. I had balloons…but no helium
  2. I spend so much time and energy in the party menu that I forgot food for my own child
  3. The propane tank we had would not hook up to the grill once it was time to start cooking
  4. We cut the grass the day before with a lawn mower that no longer had a bag

So, off to Walmart I went after handing Dan a rake for our acre lot! Y’all it was a mess running through Walmart trying to gather everything I needed in time to get back. Is this what it’s like being the host for a kids birthday party?

Even after all the stress and all the preparation, Roland’s first birthday was the absolute best day. Not only did he have a great time but we all did. Seeing his face light up for all the games, CAKE and toys was worth everything. I’m so excited to share these pictures with you from Halifax Hill Studios!

Capturing these memories was so important to me. I am still the crazy lady who sends out hundreds of pictures to get printed because I absolutely love sitting with photo boxes and reminiscing every once in a while. Having them stuck on computer just isn’t the same.

>>> Check out the Strongman Games we made


Event 1: Truck Pull

Event 2: Axle Clean and Press

Event 3: Tire Flip

SO fun right??

We were able to create this entire look from Walmart and Dollar Tree, paired with some creativity and a whole lot of patience! If you’re thinking about hosting or designing a birthday party, whether its a 1st or 60th birthday, we’re here to cheer you on, inspire you and assist in decor. You got this!


Kelli, Dan + Roland


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