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I typically get on here and blog about your weddings, new inventory collections and advice for making it through your planning process. However, today I’m inspired to write about something more sappy as I scroll through photos from 2018/19.

This one is for you. (You’re welcome for cute baby photos!)

I wanted to dedicate this post to our couples who have embraced our family this past year as we became a family of 3! Cue all the cliches because becoming parents truly is amazing and this kid is the best! However, now cue the tears, becoming parents in August RIGHT BEFORE our busiest season was insane.

While I never witnessed the sass, i’m sure there were some guest eye rolls and sarcastic “parents of the year” remarks as we wheeled our sleeping infant into a wedding breakdown at midnight! HAHA! But we did what we had to do as a family business and we LOVE all of our brides who were patient and supportive during that year of transition for us. Roland is still at most wedding deliveries (flirting up the bridesmaids) but I hope that one day this shows him how hard we work on a daily basis to be home with him and teach him the good that comes from running a family business.

Take a peek at some of the weddings we’ve done with Roland in tow!



Thank you for allowing me to share my family with you. We love being part of your event and can’t wait to meet all of our 2020 brides!


Kelli, Dan + Ro


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