Rent vs. Buy


In past posts we have talked a lot about the benefits of renting vs. buying your decor but on this post we wanted to give you examples and show you the financial benefits.

Short and sweet, here we go…

Example 1: Arbors

You can find arbor anywhere online including Amazon and Etsy but you’re still going to pay and potentially sacrifice quality. Making your own arbor is a great option but you will also end up spending a bit more when you think about everything it takes to make it. (wood, screws, wood glue, stain/pain…)

Average on Etsy: $160-$250

Average on Amazon: $120-$250

Average DIY: $150-$200

Rent: $70-$100


Example 2: Chairs/Lounges

Whether you are thrifting, stalking the marketplace or purchasing modern furniture from an online source, it’s hard to find furniture for a great price.

Average Modern Online Store: $200-$400

Average Thrifting: $100

Rent: $40-$100


Example 3: Brass Candlesticks

I have a lot of brides who end up wanting to purchase these themselves but when you get down to it, most end up spending more and then they have to clean them…Literally the worst part! (but when you rent, we clean them!)

Goodwill: $1-$5

Antique Store: $5-$15 (no’s crazy)

Rent: $2


Example 4: Terrariums

Now this is my favorite! I love terrariums but holy sh*t are they expensive!

Michaels: $16

Amazon: $11-$25

Rent: $5


Example 5: Water Goblets

We absolutely love colorful water goblets and love that you can find them all over the place now! Goodwill is a great place to shop and even Walmart online. Again, you are going to pay a little more and drive yourself mad searching every Goodwill in your area.

Goodwill: $2-5

Walmart: $5-$10

Rent: $2



**these numbers reflect an average from what we found. If you have more questions please let us know and message us directly so we can get you the answers you need!



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