About Kelli – Owner/Designer

I’m a mom. I am happy to say that while writing this, I am soaking up these precious snuggle moments between the crying, diaper changes and feedings! The best parts of being a #boymom is the bond and laughs we already share and watching him and my husband together. As a mom my days are not always perfect, my makeup is not always done and my laundry is definitely forgotten in the washer (on too many occasions) but I wouldn’t trade it. Best part for you? If you book HMB for your wedding or event you’ll not only meet me but my little family as well!

I’m a wife. My husband (Dan) and I have been together for 6.5 years now. We got married on May 6, 2017 and had a blast (well at least I did) using most of our own decor to design our wedding day. We’re all about the outdoors, living our best life (sometimes that means Netflix all day), and following our dreams. My husband has been such an amazing part of HMB over the years that I soon hope to be as much of an integral part of his growing business.

I’m a designer. In college I studied graphic design and photography, during which I was also an intern for a wedding planner for 4 years. I was surrounded by inspiring teachers and wedding professionals who taught me so much about the small details in a design that complete the full picture. You may see me moving the angle of a lantern 10 times before I am happy with it’s placement or fixing table linens as I walk by. I strive to make sure each piece is perfect before we walk away because what people will notice is how amazing it all looks! I love answering your questions and assisting you in creating a design that is memorable and beautiful.

I’m me. I am sarcastic (as you can read above with all my side comments), a leader when necessary and I’ve had the same best friend since kindergarten (her wedding is on the homepage). I am obsessed with the movie Home Alone, 90’s country music (plus… Nelly) and taking pictures of my little family. I am a total cat person and love antiquing so basically I am an old lady… I love my job and I love getting to know my brides. If you’re not yet scared of me, let’s grab lunch!

Photo: Christen Smith Photography